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Explain the conditions that created the ability for Absolutism

Explain the conditions that created the ability for absolutism to exist in Europe during this time As the seventeenth century approached feudalism began to decline in Europe causing the cities to gain power Many rulers of these cities began to desire more power than what they had and wanted to be absolute monarchs Although there were many things that contributed to the beginning of absolutism religion and crisis were the most significant conditions leading Europe to absolutism Being an absolute monarch meant that the ruler had complete power allowing oneself to take complete control of an area with little or no help This desire to be an absolute monarch however is not said to have been simply a desire of the rulers but their divine right Because the rulers believed that having complete power was their divine right they told their population that God was calling them to do take control and they were only answering to the ultimate power of this time Religion was a very important aspect of people's lives at this time and doing as God told was crucial in being a good citizen Due to this the people of Europe allowed their rulers to take complete power which lead to crises The transition to this complete power caused lots of upheaval and built a very unstable 

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An acid ionization constant Ka also known as Acid

Introduction and Objective An acid ionization constant Ka also known as acid dissociation constant is a value that can indicate how weak or strong an acid is since it acts as a measure of the acidity of a specified solution It is the equilibrium constant for the break up of an acid or the value of a chemical reaction quotient at equilibrium for a dissociation chemical reaction in the context of acid base reactions The common dissociation equation of an acid when its at equilibrium is represented as HA aq H2O A aq H3O aq And the reaction is considered to be at equilibrium when the concentration of the generic acid HA the conjugate base of the acid A and the hydronium ion H quit on changing during time Ka is characterized by K A H3O H2O HA noting that the concentration of water will remain constant at equilibrium in a dilute solution And since the concentration of water is constant it is allowed to be a part of a new equilibrium constant known as the dissociation constant Ka Ka K H2O A H3O HA For practical reasons it is more convenient to use the logarithmic constant pKa It is commonly used as it facilitate mathematical calculations and turns large numbers into smaller and more suitable ones pKA could be calculated by taking the negative log of a given acid dissociation constant Ka pKa log Ka It presents how strong or weak an acid is

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