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It is no secret that fast food is extremely pernicious for human Health

It is no secret that fast food is extremely pernicious for human health as it continues to contribute to the obesity epidemic that continues to burden American society The primary reason that health practitioners encourage people not to consume fast food is because it spawns a litany of debilitating health problems including heart disease diabetes and obesity among several others While health discourses often comprehensively examine the pernicious effects of alcohol and drug addictions fast food consumption has emerged as one of the most prevalent addictions that people do not widely discuss thereby emerging as a nefarious disease In his popular polemic work entitled Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser limns the depravity that inheres the fast food industry as he posits that the fast food industry continues to change American culture and society for the worse Schlosser 2 Indeed fast food adversely affects not only human health but also the economy and environment Fast food consumption is detrimental to human health which spawns a litany of negative consequences in society today More than one third of the American population is categorized as overweight and obesity has emerged as the leading cause of death which has been attributed to fast food Indeed fast food advertising which primarily targets a younger audience promotes consuming cost effective meals that contain thousands of calories and portions that are far too when compared to recommended portion sizes Smith 45 

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October 29 1929 Roaring Twenties came to an abrupt Stop

On October 29 1929 the Roaring Twenties came to an abrupt stop October 29 1929 is better known as Black Tuesday This is the stock market crashed kickstarting the Great Depression Life in the Great Depression was no easy feat Not a day would go by without the thought of getting laid off or starving to death In the economic slump that rocked the world The Great Depression carried a huge burden for thousands of Americans For the Middle Class every day in the Great Depression was a struggle Living was hard with the threat of unemployment looming over you According to Ruggiero By 1930 hundreds of businesses were closing and laying off their workers Ruggiero 6 When the banks failed the world seemed to stop People were being laid off here and there wondering how they would support their families Some even resorted to suicide too overwhelmed to face this fear Also as if this weren t hard enough finding food was even harder A young woman recalls My father could always get something to feed us kids We lived on fried noodles we lived on Corn Flakes Rice Krispies Wormser 113 Although this family was able to find sufficient food many weren t as lucky Both children and adults starved to death on the streets Without money there was no food to buy

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