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Running Head GENDER AND CULTURE DIFFERENCES 1 GENDER ROLES AND GENDER IDENTITY INFLUENCE BY CULTURE BY PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT CONCORDE CAREER COLLEGE 1 14 2018 Children are uncovered to many factors which influence their attitudes and conducts regarding gender roles These attitudes and behaviors are generally learned in the home and are then fortified by the child s peers school occurrence and the media Research information indicates that gender roles vary across the life sequence as adults break to meet the requirements of new situations and conditions such as parenting Women inclined to how more meaningful distinguishing in parenthood and men more involved characteristics 1966 Lawrence Kohlberg considered gender development as a three stage process in which children first learn their identity as I am a boy then gender stability I will always be a boy and grow up to be a man that sink into the child and finally gender constancy Even if I wore a dress I would still be a boy that can t be changed all the child knows by that age of six years Gender role growth is one of the greatest major areas of human training In fact the sex of a newborn sets the plan for the entire array of developmental knowledge that will power the human during his or her life even before children can label their own sex consistently they have begun to acquire common associations with gender men as rough and harsh women as lenient and round In one study 18 month olds connected such items as fir trees and hammers with males although they had not yet learned comparable female associations

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Qatar enjoys a great advantage in terms of location in the World

Introduction Qatar enjoys a great advantage in terms of location in the world as it is situated in one of the most energy rich regions in the world There are other countries which neighbouring Qatar such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE which also share this advantage as all of these countries including Qatar have access to nearly more than a fifth of global gas reserves and a third of world oil the whole world almost commonly relies on these countries for oil and gas supply Atalay Biermann and Kalfagianni 2016 One of the greatest policy changes may be witnessed by these G C C countries due to the current surge in domestic energy demand This is due to the fact that the main export product of these countries which is hydrocarbon energy resources can easily fulfil this domestic need this product can be found in the form of oil in all countries while in some specific cases can also be found in the form of natural gas Qatar Owusu and Asumadu Sarkodie 2016 With context to the rising energy needs of the G C C this paper looks at one potential energy policy which can help in this matter promotion of renewable energy resources as well as other alternatives

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