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AN ACCEPTABLE PROPOSAL TO DEFEAT OBESITY Obesity has become a growing menace not only in the United States of America but throughout the world The issue of obesity is being taken lightly around the world and it shouldn t be so It is a very crucial issue and should be treated like one The United States especially seen as a developed and advanced country has a huge obesity rate and it has been rumored that the United States of America has the highest number of fast food restaurants These are all factors that makes other countries describe The United States of America as the Big Nation At least seven times a week most Americans eat fast food like Mcdonalds Burger King Wendy s Wingstop Taco bell and need I go further They order foods like double maxi cheese burger and eat huge boxes of pizza daily Still they never try to work out or lose some weight and whenever someone chastises them for being so obese the fat Americans say that the person is bullying them Obese people are useless to our society the only thing they do is eat sleep watch television eat even more and cry into their rolls of fat because they can t lose weight And did I mention eat even more They cannot walk and have to be wheeled around to get even more food Then they even complain about how healthy people are anorexic and bulimic 

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