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According to Neaum 2010 language is learned through social Interaction

According to Neaum 2010 language is learned through social interaction within the society an individual grows up in Social interaction helps build attachment increases a child's interests in their environment and provides a child s stimulation for language development Gully 2014 From birth the relationship between the mother and the child begins in the form of smiling cooing babbling and body movements From 8 20 months babies produce one word utterances uses sounds and enjoys babbling At 16 26 months babies begin to put two words together ask simple questions and use most vowels At 22 36 months children begin to use word endings going use simple sentences and speech becomes clearer At 30 50 months children start to use a range of tenses uses intonation rhythm and phrasing to be understood and sound clusters emerge There are several theories as to how children develop language including the behaviourist theory developed by Skinner 1957 focusing on operant conditioning where behaviours are repeated and learned by being either rewarded or punished Children use words that are positively reinforced by adults shaping a child's speech leading to adult like communication Doherty et al 2013 The social learning theory developed by Bandura proposes that children acquire vocabulary and complex grammar through listening to others observing the complexities in their phrases and rules and imitation Doherty et al 2013 

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