Essay Examples on Eastern New Mexico University

The USF Recreation Gym is a designed floor Plan

The USF Recreation Gym is a designed floor plan that allows for students to properly find the machine according to the different floors and sections of the facility In this physical space is a front desk on the upper level that allows for students to inform this is where you either ask for help or receive a membership Without having an ID students are not allowed in Providing this space is only for a specific audience Each floor and section are designed for working different parts of the body and encourage students to use different exercise by having a wide variety of activities In the passage The Psychopathology of Everyday Things Norman explains to us just how much a design can make or break a space The gym is one design that is used for an intended audience as well as Instagram being an app on our phones Both spaces allow for a function to happen while the action is taking part in the space Being in the gym allows for student to use different forms of media while resting from set to set This social media space allows for a photo perspective of someone s life rather than communicating through words such as Facebook for example Instagram as just recently become another platform using different space techniques than Facebook For insists Instagram allows for individuals to post photos of their life and allow of little to no communication besides leaving a comment or messaging someone 

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