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Microsoft Dynamics and SAP are top two Enterprise Systems

Microsoft Dynamics and SAP are top two Enterprise Systems in the software industry SAP had 25 of market share compared to Microsoft 5 in the year 2012 Columbus 2013 And in the year 2017 Microsoft Dynamics gained 16 market share while SAP tumbled down to 19 Kimberling 2017 Which tells continuing popularity of Microsoft Dynamics in recent years SAP has been very popular among large enterprises and Microsoft Dynamics is being adopted by small and mid size organizations Choosing right ERP solution for an organization depends on many factors including ease of integration ease of customization flexibility ease of use the time needed for implementation and overall purchase cost and implementation cost Microsoft Dynamics is considered more flexible very easy to use because of its browser based user interface which is extremely intuitive and it has very well developed inter organization and multi organization support Based on its ability to integrate between multiple organizations Microsoft Dynamics takes longer to implement compared to SAP which is generally used within one enterprise organization and its agile implementation approach minimizes implementation time very much 

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