Essay Examples on East–West University

The calm emerald waters reflect the glittering Florida Sunshine

Summer Sanctum The calm emerald waters reflect the glittering Florida sunshine on my face like a warm greeting Intoxicating scents of salt and sea spray dance through the humid air in ribbons Flourishing greenery blankets the small concrete cottages and lines the walls of alleyways in the bustling tropical city This hideaway is a perfect combination of lush foliage and open crystal oceans all united by the ocean lovers of different nations and cultures I was born in Virginia but The Florida Keys keep a piece of my heart behind lock and key When June comes around my energy begins to increase I become more motivated to get my work done and positive thoughts fill my mind There is a simple explanation the trip to Florida Each year the car is packed full and we mentally prepare ourselves for the 16 hour car ride south Upon arrival my energy is at its peak and the feeling of the warm tropical earth under my feet is electrifying The choice of housing for our week has always been a small cottage close to the ocean but not too far from the city Each house in The Keys is colorful sculpted of concrete and contains the necessities cozy beds for recharging from the sun quaint kitchens for preparing beach snacks and patios for sipping coffee during sunrise While the homes are cozy the city is exotic 

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