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Assisted Suicide The constitution states that American

Assisted Suicide The constitution states that American citizens have a right to life and it cannot be taken away Staff par 2 However assisted suicide or euthanasia contradicts that statement A majority of people feel that euthanasia is unethical and most claim that euthanasia is not supported by their religion Meanwhile some people support the idea and believe that ultimately it is the patient s choice There are many factors that play an vital role in assisted suicide or euthanasia such as a person s religion ability to find a willing physician and learning about the requirements to have the procedure Many religions denominations reject the idea of euthanasia stating that the act of suicide in any form goes against their faith Margaret Haerens says that the Catholic community perceives assisted suicide as a serious transgression against God and family The source Death with Dignity says American Baptists accepted a policy that works in the medical community to help focus on the goals of medicine dignity suffering and respect for a person s life ending Death with Dignity Southern Baptists say this end of life choice corrupts the spirituality of human existence Death with Dignity Social commentators like Steve Siebold have a secular outlook on euthanasia as he states that the choice to undergo the pain of a terminal illness based on a person s faith should not affect other people who obey laws based on their religion 

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