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Voltage sags caused due to unknown faults at grid are the key power quality

Abstract. Voltage sags caused due to unknown faults at the grid are the key power quality issues faced by industrial consumers. These sags often cause disruption in manufacturing processes and result in substantial economic losses. In order to deal with such problems a voltage sag compensator VSC consist of a voltage source inverter coupled through a series transformer with grid line is often installed since it is among the cheapest solutions against the sags to save the critical loads from damaging. However, a problem of inrush transient current occurs as the series transformer gets energized to compensate for the load voltage. This not only affects the critical loads but also triggers the circuit breakers installed to avoid overcurrent of the compensator. This paper proposes a series of voltage sag compensator based on a current-controlled voltage source inverter CRVSI with the reduced magnitude of transformer inrush current. The proposed VSC is based on a current control technique applied in a stationary frame of reference for the desired operation.

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Running three-phase is only possible with single to three-phase inverted supply

Electronic or electrical components must have some source like a single phase. Running three-phase is only possible with single to three-phase inverted supply. To drive three-phase induction motor we use three-phase supplies. 2 Block diagram Figure 1 1 of single to three-phase supply consists of an input rectifier circuit filters inverter circuit load motor driving methodologies Arduino and output power supply. 7 From the above block diagram 1 1the one input is given to the rectifier and converter and the other is given to drive driver of IGBTs. Firstly the input rectifier from ac to pulsating dc. Therefore to remove that filters are used consists of resistors and capacitors which helps to terminate the ac and gives pure dc. Further supply is given to the inverter circuits IGBT’s are connected there. Now with ac power supply then energized block which is used for energizing IGBT s i e. DRIVING Block of Arduino where programs is run accordingly. Then converted dc is given to the inverter circuit to convert it into three-phase. 3 Then converted three-phase supply is given to the load which is induction motor of this project proved to convert a phase supply into three-phase power supply 10 As load may be induction motor or any other three-phase load but in the project, we use three-phase lamps two 100W lamps in each phase working in a good condition.

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