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The paper analyses the theoretical framework of the Family Law Jurisprudence

ABSTRACT The paper analyses the theoretical framework of the family law jurisprudence family law decision making etc The task of jurisprudence for loyal realistic is particular aim to ensure that individual decision making promote social welfare and increase the practicability of legal outcomes The paper proposes on interdisciplinary approach based on our ecological and therapeutic jurisprudence paradigm to resolve family proceedings The ecological approach emulating from the ecology of human development social science paradigm is one in which family law decision makers consider factors beyond their conceptions of the family This approach urges decision makers to accent from Family Ecology which includes the instructions within which family member s participate such as neighbourhood and religions organization are ecological approach to family law jurisprudence implies that decision makers appreciate the importance of socially rich environment for family members and facilitate linkage between among as many systems in litigants lives as possible The paper urges that family law decision makers consider outcomes that have the rapeutic all positive consequences for families and children All interdisciplinary paradigms for family law jurisprudence that applies in the ecology of human development prospective and nations of therapeutic jurisprudence can ensure that family law decision makers and the courts are a source of strength and support for the continued and enhanced functioning of Indian Families 2 

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World Commission on Environment and Development

One of the most quoted and well structured as well as précised definition of sustainability is that of the Brundtland Commission World Commission on Environment and Development 1987 p 8 development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs In the past people have worked on some separate topics of supply chain management which were dealing with social issues and environmental issues that includes development of environmental logistics strategies Murphy et al 1996 environmental purchasing Min and Galle 1997 carrier selection for and the transportation of hazardous materials Kalevela and Radwan 1988 Sharp et al 1991 improvement of fuel efficiency and emissions reduction from transportation equipment McKinnon et al 1993 Stock 1978 safety in motor carrier rail and airline industries Cantor et al 2006 Weener and Wheeler 1992 Crum et al 1995 diversity hiring and promotion issues concerning logistics personnel Lynagh et al 1996 and diversity of for hire motor carriers Corsi et al 1982 and other industrial suppliers Carter et al 1999 Process of production is often widened on a global level When we see different stages of production the customers suppliers and focal companies are connected by some information material and financial capital flows and in line with the value of product comes the social burden and environmental burden S A Seuring M Müller 2008

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