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Children Growing up around the World Children

Children Growing up around the World Children around the world are taught differently and grown up in different ways making it important to be aware of other countries perspectives on early childhood education care and development for children Even though children are taught differently there is always values behind raising a child Being aware of other countries values and how they raise children will give us a perspective needed to understand and have communication with people from different cultures Which will have us as humans and educators to observe are ways of doing things feeling and the way we think As talked about in A Global Perspective on Early Childhood Care and Education The upbringing and education will always reflect values no matter if those values are hidden or more openly defined in relation to educational aims contents methods and evaluation Lillemyer et al 2001 p 9 The six values that are expressed throughout all countries are multiculturalism a new professionalism value of play rights of a child democracy lastly ethical responsibility and accountability Multiculturalism refers to to any form of education or teaching that incorporates the histories texts values beliefs and perspectives of people from different cultural backgrounds Great Schools 2014 Teachers may have to incoratite and modify different ways to teach lessons in the classroom to become more culturally diverse to be able have all students understand and obtain the information in the lesson It is a teacher's responsibility to work in the best interest of the child Professionalism is the professional side of teachers working in the best interest of the students including providing cultural support Children from all cultures should be given the Running Head CHILDREN GROWING UP AROUND THE WORLD 

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