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According to Afuah 2004 business model can be considered as a tool for making money

According to Afuah 2004 business model can be considered as a tool for making money To clarify it is a set of activities which a firm performs how it performs them and when it performs them so as to offer its customers benefits they want and to earn profit Afuah 2004 After 765 interviews with CEOs around the world IBM revealed that the companies were spending their innovation efforts on business model had improved faster than the competitors IBM Global Business Services 2006 Nunes and Breene 2011 believe they success in business by creating new business models after identifying the changes in customer needs Margetta 2002 claim a good business model start from observing human motivations and ending in plenty of value Currently 3D printing technology has a considerable number of characteristics that can be sources of value First of all it is a mass customization technology and offers personalized consumption experience for customers Hague et al 2003 Gibson et al 2010 Moreover 3D printing also allows companies to reduce overhead costs Hopkinson et al 2006 Furthermore due to its mass customization characteristics companies can quickly react to changes of market or trend Hopkinson et al 2006 

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Teen and Child Behavior

Teen and Child Behavior Today many teenagers and children behave irresponsibly and often like to follow modern society s example There are many reasons for this they include but are not limited to parental issues peer pressure drugs and alcohol Parenting plays a very large role in a child's behavior Many children are not given proper boundaries this alone may change a child's whole life When children do not have set boundaries they will try to push the limits If there are no limits children will keep pushing until the parent s has lost control of them Often children with no limits or discipline have low standards for social groups and education as well Many parents neglect their children this has many negative effects When neglected by their parent s most children have nobody to turn to for advice and guidance This may lead to a child being antisocial which could span from the child not properly engaging with others to a child growing up using violence and disrespect to get their way Once a child is set on this unhealthy path they will continue to follow it Child abandonment is also a major issue When children are neglected and abandoned their behaviors are not guided They often fail to control their emotions which can have many different effects Emotionally unstable children often become disrespectful and or stressed this is because they never had a parent to guide and support them Social media presents many negative effects on mental health for teens and children Social media is not always a bad thing but it can really interfere with a child's life Many people adults included compare themselves to others on social media causing them to feel envy When young people see posts they see fictional lives with no problems

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