Essay Examples on Extracurricular Activities

Application essay. Extracurricular activities or work experiences.Engineering program that appeals to you.

Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. 150-word limit. Sitting cross-legged on the woven plastic mat a chaapa upon the stage I tune the shruti box to my pitch F sharp. Dressed in a flowy red and green Langa voni I'm facing the audience and the row of Hindu deities intricately carved into the temple's marble wall. Once I position the mic in front of my mouth I begin singing. As I progress through the song a wave of tranquility passes over me even though the song's Sanskrit lyrics are hundreds of years old. I feel the emotion they express through the melody, I recollect the story behind the song as told by my music teacher and feel connected with my culture. For the past twelve years, the art of Indian Carnatic vocal music has given me a form of expression. I unleash my creativity through singing At Brown. I hope to continue sharing my love for music through Brown Barsaat. 

The School of Engineering offers 9 concentration options including Sc B degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical, Biochemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering as well as an A B degree in Engineering. And a joint program with the Department of Physics leading to an Sc B degree in Engineering and Physics. Since there is a common core curriculum within Engineering students need not select a specific area until their junior year.

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Memories, Experiences and Lessons of Seniors. Life Narratives.

I hadn’t come to realize until now how special and inspiring it is for someone to bestow their life experiences on you to open up and provide one with the gift of important memories, experiences and lessons that shape who they are today. But now I do. When I was in fourth grade it started with a school visit to a nursing home It ended with the ceremony of a bench being placed it still is there today. The plaque was engraved with a simple message. In Honor of the Students That Make Wallingford Elementary. What it is insert name here I was about nine or ten talking with my friends on the bus ride to the Martins Run nursing home. All of us were in the Gifted Seminar at Wallingford Elementary and one of the extracurricular activities we had started was to collect seniors' stories and compose our own fictional pieces based on their life narratives. The bus hissed as the air brakes let out a sigh of a complaint. We arrived Walking up to the rotunda I admired the large poinsettias in the window and the winter cabbages dusted with frost. We stepped inside. The automatic doors squealed and a burst of warm dry air sprayed me in the face. The receptionist greeted us with a smile. Hey Welcome to Martin’s Run. Are you guys visiting some of our residents. We nodded a reply.

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