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Allergic disorders and therapy

Allergic disorders Allergy such as asthma eczema hay fever allergic rhinitis and food allergies are common health problems around the world and as a result of immune system response to innocuous environmental antigens which is mainly mediated by TH2 response In contrast to TH2 cells TH1 cells produce pro inflammatory cytokines and are the major player in immunity against infections eliminating cancerous cells as well as autoimmune disorders 1 Imbalance of these Th1 Th2 pathways is responsible for multiple immunological disorders including allergies autoimmune disorders and hypersensitivity reactions consequently manipulating and deviation one pathway toward the other is a promising strategy for management of many immune associated disorders although there are some controversies 1 4 As the TH1 and TH2 cells down regulate each other over activation of one system may exacerbate or relieve symptoms In this regard inverse relationship between atopic dermatitis AD and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus as well as different cancers reported 5 At the moment there is controversy about the relationship between allergy and cancers 

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