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The Civilization of Ancient Egypt

Introduction The Old Kingdom began around 2686 B C E 2181 B C E and it was an era of political and social stability in Egypt At the time of the Middle Kingdom no one individual or family ruled all of Egypt and this time was established in around 2150 B C E after the collapse of the Old Kingdom Now after the Middle Kingdom collapsed a New Kingdom also referred to as the Egyptian empire emerged and it was a period that existed between 1640 1550 B C E It is stated that the New Kingdom was the most brilliant period in Egyptian history Politics The Pharaohs ruled by divine decree in the Old Kingdom central administration was divided into sectors and each sector or ministry was held by mostly royalty Princes As confidence in a central authority the Pharaoh began to dwindle the regional governors usually members of the royal family began to position themselves as rulers in this areas of the region and division arose Pharaoh s ability to control the land and his position of authority as a divine ruler completely declined During the time of the Middle Kingdom the government was far less centralized than that of the Old Kingdom Much more authority was given to the regional governors

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