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In this project implementation, we are planning on reducing Cheating

THE PROJECT FLOW In this project implementation we are planning on reducing cheating on the SHS students in every exams or tests This project is good for classrooms with tables We plan on making the anti cheating helmet which will cover the view of the students in sideways We can conduct a study if the project implementation can gradually reduce cheating among Senior high school students Aforementioned in our rationale that there are also another techniques or ways that can help prevent or reduce cheating and with those aforementioned we are sure that we can gradually reduce or prevent students from cheating THE PROJECT STATEMENT OF THE PROJECT For this project what we want to be done would be to lessen the cheating within the senior high school students during tests Cheating is always there it always occurs on every class because students are afraid to fail What we want to do in this project is for the students to have their own anti cheating helmet It would nice to block the student's communication with each other so they can only focus on their own sheets So in this way the teacher can easily see or detect if there is cheating going on 

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Information Technology Degree Application

Statement of Purpose Information Technology has attracted many young minds From an early age I too have had a keen interest in IT computation and its practical applications Just like any other boy I too used to break open my toys but what caught my eye were the parts inside them Hence my interest took me to non medical stream in 12th standard and now I am planning to pursue Diploma of Information Technology from National Training Center of Australia I Jashandeep Singh is from an environment which is a perfect mix and match of village town and a city People here are kind hearted and are of helping nature My village name is Wan Tara Singh district Tarn Taran state Punjab Academic Background I did my 10th with 5 8 CGPA in 2015 After this I have completed my 12th standard from Maharaja Ranjit Singh Convent Senior Secondary School with 75 marks in 2017 I did my 12th in non medical stream with subjects like Mathematics Physics and Chemistry etc As I was determined to do my higher studies from overseas so I started preparing for IELTS and scored 5 5 bands in IELTS exam Family Background I used to belong nuclear family consisting my father who was serving in defense forces mother elder brother and me But in 2010 we lost our respected father currently there are 3 members in my family My respected mother Mrs Kulwant Kaur is also serving nation s defense forces and my elder brother is a student Our financial conditions are sound because my both parents were in government services from many years

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Drug Addiction is an Epidemic

Drug addiction is an epidemic that is increasing tremendously in Canada today more specifically the opioid epidemic which is hindering the lives of the unwilling Opioids are narcotic pain killers with a prescription only status due to the medicines potential toxicity which require the guidance of a physician for safe and appropriate use To some extent pharmaceuticals have the potential to improve health outcomes However what about the subjective factors such as undeserving addiction Can the Pharmaceutical companies increase their research to create an innocuous pain killer Pharmaceutical Companies The Gateway to Addiction For suffering convalescents Pharmaceuticals have minimized hospitalization substituted surgical procedures and have improved the capacity for patients to function in everyday society Although pharmaceuticals have the potential to improve life quality for the sufferer on the contrary Pharmaceuticals that hold a prescription only status due to the high levels of toxicity such as Fentanyl and OxyContin has claimed the lives of 4 321 individuals from 2016 to 2017 Web based Report Ottawa Public Health Agency of Canada 2017 Contrary to popular belief that these toxic pharmaceuticals actually help all patients there are more disadvantages than advantages when consuming these drugs such as addiction and death Nonetheless head of the Division of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto Dr David Juurlink agrees that these pharmaceuticals are prescribed too redundantly Juurlink states We still prescribe opioids too much at doses that are not just inadvisable but also dangerous Nobody quibbles with the use of opioids in acute pain or palliative care But we have enough opioids there are plenty of options for palliative care and for chronic care

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