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Importance of Water Water is an important source of life

LITERATURE REVIEW 2 1 Importance of Water Water is an important source of life In the Quran verse 30 surah al Anbiya explains in its meaning and We make it from the water every living thing then why not ye believe This verse shows how much water plays an important role in the creation of various creatures of Allah SWT and for that the creature also desires for water Water is the most important source for the continuity of life for all beings on this earth Water is a natural resource very important for life on earth whether human animal or plant Humans animals and plants need water resources for survival and on the surface of the earth about 70 of them are composed of water sources Water sources comprise of river water water supply water basins groundwater seawater and others Only 3 of freshwater is available from all the water that is found on the ground and the rest are saltwater Hamidi 1999 On the one hand water is essential for human survival Water is used in almost every aspect of human life Not only for drinking water is also used in various forms of daily activities such as washing bathing worship and others In addition to domestic uses water is also important in economic activities such as industry manufacturing and transportation In fact water also allows electricity generation to occur in dams 

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