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Detection of Antibiotic Residues in commercial Poultry Eggs

UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE FAISALABAD SUB CAMPUS TOBA TEK SINGH. Synopsis Title Detection of Antibiotic Residues in commercial Poultry Eggs. Abstract. Poultry nutrition or inappropriate antibiotic treatments can produce eggs with antibiotic residues The objective of the present study is to evaluate the prevalence of drug residues in eggs presented at Toba Tek Singh in Pakistan. To this end, 120 eggs with an average weight of 50-60 grams were collected at random from supermarkets and commercial farms in Toba, Pakistan. These egg samples were stored at 4C until the time of analysis and then antibiotic residues were analyzed using the High-Performance liquid chromatography HPLC method. The study revealed the presence of antibiotic residues in poultry eggs due to the indiscriminate use of layered antibiotics without observing the withdrawal period of this drug. INTRODUCTION. Since eggs are consumed by almost all individuals the deposition of drug residues in various egg components is a considerable concern. After administration, the antibiotics are absorbed in the intestine of the chicken and transported through the body through the blood plasma where they reach. The ovaries follicles and oviducts responsible for the formation and secretion of egg content, therefore, increase the risk of deposition of drug residues in the yolk and albumin Khattab et al 2010 kan CA et al 2000 deposit more rapidly in both the yolk and the albumin Goetting V et al 2011 Alm El Dein et al 2010.

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Hyderabad The City of Nizams Cuisine

Hyderabad The City of Nizams is internationally famed for its biryani which is found everywhere from roadside dhabas to luxury restaurants. This quintessential dish shows the strong influence of the Mughlai Andhra and Turkish cuisine. For relishing the best biryani be sure to stop by the Bawarchi for mutton biryani Hotel Shadab for chicken and mutton biryani Cafe Bahar for biryani and haleem and Sarvi for chicken drum biryani. Among other local delicacies to try include Keema Samosa minced meat dish. Paaya stew made of trotters or beef Lukhmi mutton minced savory dish and Sheer Khurma Vermicelli pudding Goa. The gastronomic scene in Goa is just as much a way of life as its lively pub culture and beach parties. And what makes it food scene so special is the influences of different cultures that it came into contact with over the centuries and that's present in every dish.

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