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THE worship of mother goddess or earth goddess

THE worship of mother goddess or earth goddess was an essential feature of harappan religion the three aspects of the mother goddess as creator preserver and destroyer were clearly indicated by the mother goddess figurines excavated from the sites Since the Harappan script still remains un deciphered assumptions with regard to their political economic and religious life are based totally on the numerous clay figurines seals amulets and phallic symbols discovered from the various Indus sites From the motifs occurring on the seals and sealings and the figurines excavated it has been accepted that the Harappan religion centered mainly around the worship of the feminine principle and that the main deity of the Harappans was a Mother Goddess Holding his belief in the cultural diffusion theory Sir John Marshall observes The generally accepted view concerning them is that they represent the Great Mother or Nature Goddess whose cult is believed to have originated in Anatolia probably in Phrygia and spread thence throughout most of Western Asia The worship of Mother Goddess or the Earth Goddess was an essential feature of Harappan religion In the words of Oppert the Indus Valley people believed in the existence of one supreme spirit of Heaven with whom was associated and admitted to an equal and eventually even superior share of power i e the Goddess of Earth 

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