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Draft Title Economics and the View of Free Trade

Survey Topic Proposal 1 Draft Title Economics and the View of Free Trade 2 Introduction Free trade is a very complex idea that stems from eliminating all artificial market forces from global trade This would include government actions such as unequal tariffs quotas currency manipulation and subsidies to name a few The most prominent free trade agreement the United States in involved with is NAFTA or the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement which also included Canada and Mexico This agreement is under constant scrutiny because many manufacturing jobs were lost to Mexico due to cheaper labor Free trade also allows multinational corporations to produce goods overseas using cheap labor as well For example companies like Apple and Nike produce goods using Chinese labor With the onset of free trade many negative realities have come to light such as sweat shops where people even children are put to work in inhumane environments and barely paid enough to produce a good that sells for hundreds of dollars somewhere else 

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