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Precambrian era - the time oxygen begin to accumulate in the atmosphere

Stuti Ray It all started 454 million years ago when the origin of the earth occurred 350 million years ago the first clear evidence of life was bacteria This was also known as the Precambrian era which was also the time oxygen begin to accumulate in the atmosphere After this it was the Paleozoic era which was 542 million years ago when different types of life forms were flaring up but the Invertebrates dominant were the main Some example is worms jellyfish trilobite and etc This was the era when lots of different creates were formed like insects amphibians and first ever mammal like reptiles First plants and forest were also formed in this era It was a base for what we have now The Mesozoic era which was 251 million years ago which was when there was first dinosaurs fist egg mammals birds and etc But later in the era birds were taking over by replacing the dinosaur It was also the time when the first flowering plants were formed with lots of other forest conifers and cycads The last and the latest era was Cenozoic which is also known as the age of the mammals About 34 mya ago monkeys apes prosimians flourish and other families evolve with the savanna grazing animals Later in the tertiary period in the Pliocene epoch which was 5 million years near human species and other modern mammals grew 

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