Essay Examples on Freedom of Speech

The freedom of speech in higher education

The freedom of speech is Important to higher education because with it we are able to accept one's opinion and still have your own without silencing each other. Without it we cannot fully express ourselves or grow together as citizens of the United States of America. We live in a society where speaking too much on a topic could give you a bad reputation. If you disagree with the popular opinion you are considered a bigot. What happened to civilized debates amongst people. What happened to learn from a person's perspective and teaching them of yours. In the coming times, we will reach a point wherein college students will be afraid to speak the words that many people wouldn't dare speak regarding opinions. We would all just nod our heads and agree with our lips sealed, shut, even though we disagree full-heartedly. We wouldn't defend the brave who stand up for what's right because we would be too scared to lose our reputation in society. We'd rather filter ourselves and wear a mask of contentment just to receive more likes on a video or post than the day before. Censoring ourselves only leads to more destruction. We boast about how America is great because we have the first amendment but how often are we really allowed to use it.

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