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Our first stop is South Korea

We will be putting our researching skills to the test by immersing ourselves in the haunted places of Asia where no one has dared to go Our first stop is South Korea We find ourselves in the abandoned and deserted ruins known as Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital The hospital which is located in the city of Gwangju has been known throughout for its sudden closure in the 1900s The unfortunate deceased have been trapped in the hospital wandering the halls and injuring the living who dare to set ground in the abandoned hospital Our second destination on the map is Chibichiri Cave in Okinawa Japan The cave has seen incredibly gruesome things for it was the site where an 82 day battle took place during World War 2 American soldiers once invaded the island and made it their goal to kill any japanese residents that they found nearby In order to protect their children and themselves the villagers took to killing their children and later committing suicide The bones of those unfortunate still remain in the cave to this day with only the entrance open to the public We will now be heading to Singapore where we will find the Old Changi Hospital which is said to be one of the most haunted places in Singapore This hospital was built in 1935 It s purpose was to serve the British Royal Air forces as a camp for all those they considered anti japanese It was also thought to be used as a base for Japanese police In simpler words a lot of people were tortured and held captive many died It now remains abandoned 

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