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Advice Simon if he has any contractual liability to Fernando and or Ali

Question 1 Advice Simon if he has any contractual liability to Fernando and or Ali Introduction To begin the situation is to define whether or not Simon has established a contract with either Ali or Fernando Simon advertised his Lord of the Rings book Fernando believes the advertisement is an offer and mails him the cheque for the amount Ali and Simon communicate through emails and Simon tells Ali that if he does not receive an offer by 2200 the offer is off Ali sends an email at 2130 but Simon accidently deletes email by Monday Simon had sold the book EXAMPLE Initially the advertisement put forth by Simon is to be considered as an invitation to treat negotiate not an offer as decided in the case Partridge v Crittenden In this case the appellant advertised the sale of Wild birds and was accused of offering the sale of wild birds in the newspaper but the High court ruled in his favor and exonerated him The basis was that there was no way he could have had the intention of selling his birds to anyone who offered to buy them as he had limited stock Therefore could not be bound to legally accept anyone s offer to purchase them 

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Computer Systems Security Foundations

Computer Systems Security Foundations Unit 1 DB2 Introduction to Information Security CS651 1801A 01 Instructor Dr Gregory Gleghorn January 5 2017 Article Understanding the fundamentals of information security This article was writing by Richard Nosek of Imagex on their blog page of Imagex website in May 5 2017 In this article it was wrapped up what the information security is about The combination of human activity and the technology provide an elaborate and systematic plan of action for managing the processes tools and the policies necessary to prevent detect document and counter threats to digital and non digital information The protection of Confidentiality Integrity and Accessibility of data in an Organization will go a long way in ensuring security of information system Continue evolution of cyberspace bring new threats to people and organizations People need to protect their privacy Businesses and organizations are responsible for protection of both their intellectual property and any personal or private data they handle Considering information processes it's all about bits and pieces of material that is gathered about something or someone This data in not only limited to credit card information alone It can be details of a client project medical record number social security numbers Insurance policy number security and investment account numbers or information that is stored when someone create user profile including corporate intellectual property Security simply means being safe and protection from threat Information security in essence is the protection of someone s data Information can be classified in these following standards depends on the organization business or individuals

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