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In workplace self actualization can be Tricky

In workplace self actualization can be tricky because it workers tend to want to become who they wanted to be and employer may motivate them by providing more intensive training to drive an employees ability to the right destination or the right work that they can see that their potential is being recognized In Volvo s case their system works simply because it falls right into every spectrum of motivating an employee For example in wage distribution workers are not worried about this because of the wage gap is not too big during that era in Sweden and their wage is equally distributed according to their capacity and level of expertise in building a car Their safety needs were also met by Volvo providing them training and furthermore their work practices are fair that every person in the team is a car builder Training also will be given to those who are willing to participate Sense of belonging was also achieved in the Uddevalla plant where every person belongs to a working group and cooperation is paramount in this system where each of them may rely on everyone on the team for example the team members will rely on the guidance and help of their team leader and the work of the personnel task specialist who make off duty roster Esteem needs is the most obvious motivator that is being injected in the Uddevalla system into the workers each member will have the opportunity to prove themselves as a leader because team leader position is being rotated among the group member This gives them confidence in being in the assembly plant This is the same for the specialist person too technician personnel and teaching in which he she will have the sense of importance and achievement by becoming a specialist 

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