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Organised crime is defined as serious criminal Activities

Introduction Organised crime is defined as serious criminal activities that are planned and controlled by people working together and carried out on a large scale An Organised Crime Gang OCG is generally a group of three or more people working together in a planned and coordinated way to commit serious crime over a period of time Their motivation is typically financial gain OCG structures are varied They often consist of a small group of people who will be in control of and direct all activities Below them will be a network of associates who will conduct the day to day criminal activities These people are easily replaced if compromised OCG s change as they are complex and fluid A group of people may come together for a specific purpose and then move in their own direction once that job is complete

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How can where you live influence your health and Wellbeing

How can where you live influence your health and wellbeing In this assignment I will explain how a person's health and wellbeing can be both negatively and positively impacted on depending on where they live UK society is distinguished by health inequalities they are the unfair and avoidable differences in people's health across social groups and different population groups due to social biological and geographical factors which usually result in people who are worse of financially encountering poorer health and shorter lifespans According to Labonte's Model of health and wellbeing The Open University 2014 p 53 we are shown how health can be broken down into three main factors physical mental and social and each area overlaps to make complete health There are many examples of how the neighbourhood you live in can affect your health and wellbeing 

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Many people helped the Americans win the Revolutionary

Many people helped the Americans win the Revolutionary War Some of these people were not even American one of them was Marquis De Lafayette a French aristocrat who joined the Revolutionary War on his own request The Marquis 1 Lafayette played a big part in getting France to agree to ally with the Americans was one of the most successful leaders in combat for the American Revolutionary War and one of George Washington's most trusted friends Marquis De Lafayette was born September 6 1757 in Chavaniac France into a family of noble military lineage Marquis De 1 His birth name was Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier The Marquis 1 Before Lafayette was two his father died in a battle When Lafayette was twelve his mother died Not long after his grandfather died Because of this he inherited a large fortune making him a very wealthy orphan at a young age When he was 14 he joined the Royal Army and when he was 16 he married Marie Adrienne Francoise de Noailles a relative of the King

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People have respected anyone who has ever been in the Military

People have respected anyone who has ever been in the military for centuries Though not all Veterans receive a proper burying ceremony My great grandfather George Weiss Jr felt this way when one of his good friends from the military passed away and didn't get the proper ceremony that he deserved This influenced him to found the Fort Snelling Memorial Rifle Squad a volunteer service made up of the Marines the National Guard the Navy the Coast Guard and the Army that performs funeral services for veterans Monday through Friday rain or shine and logs over 40 000 hours a year Out of the original 6 members George was the youngest and the last survivor But that is just one of his many great accomplishments Weiss 2 George J Weiss Jr was born on April 18th 1927 in Felsonana Hungary His family was wealthy because George s father George Sr was a baseball star They had led a peaceful life until WWII when they were compelled to migrate to

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