Essay Example on Generation Y and Generation X workers could learn from more experienced Baby Boomer.


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Many problems people see with the Y Generation have exaggerated the myths of having a sense of entitlement, having poor communication skills and being job hoppers Chatroop 2013. Most Generation Y employees have not been in the workforce long enough to have earned these reputations but are still labeled with them. The most likely outcome for the Millennials is that they will find the job that challenges and excites them and stay put and work just as hard as the other generations have. You may not be too surprised to find that Generation X and Generation Y share a lot of commonalities both generations are extremely driven by causes or purposes and need a balance between life and work. They are both heavies into networking in different ways and both enjoy and look for challenges. The gap in social media usage between the two groups is actually falling by the day according to Pew research Chatroop 2013. Company culture can directly impact the communications between generations in the workplace.

 The older generation may think that the Younger generations need arcade rooms or ping pong tables in the work area in order for the culture of them to be recognized. However, the culture of Generation Y can be integrated into the company by doing things that can build the entire companies acceptance of each other. Company functions like picnics, holiday, parties and get-togethers that celebrate positive situations can allow the entire companies atmosphere to improve and generational gaps to shrink as everyone has the opportunity to interact in non-business situations. Learning what different people's perspectives and views are can cause disagreements but this form of communication can also allow for the interacting parties to learn the different life experiences that lead to this way of thinking Gausepohl 2016. Skills to bridge the Gap in Generational Communication. The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging there is a problem. Each generation has learned and used different forms of communication throughout their lives. Baby Boomers were raised to talk using face to face communication as often as possible to minimize miscommunication and as a sign of respect Generation X and Generation Y were raised with more technology at their fingertips. Generation X is comfortable using email and web conferencing and Generation Y is used to Social Media being used as a source of communication, each generation considers their chosen type of communication respectful Andal 2016. With younger generations using more instant messaging and texts for communication more colloquialisms are being used allowing for less formality that older generations are acquired to.

 The loss of formality in written communication can be seen dropping with the practice of sending email to vice a handwritten letter. Initially, it was common practice to write an email as a standard letter however, in an office setting today emails can be sent with the informality of a friend poking his head in an office saying Hey buddy where do you want to eat lunch. While most understand that a degree of formality is necessary in most cases it can be hard for Baby Boomer, in particular, to understand why it isn't always the case. Baby Boomers can see the lack of formality as a sign of disrespect. Generation Y sees the lack of formality comfortable and common and when told they lack respect from the older generation they will perceive these comments as a personal attack or at the very least disrespectful from the elder to themselves Andal 2016. One lesson the Generation Y and Generation X workers could learn is to listen to the more experienced Baby Boomers especially if they work in the same field. This would allow the young generation to avoid mistakes that have already been made. On the other hand, Baby Boomers can learn from the younger generation as well as Generation X and Generation Y even more so has the ability to adapt to failure more readily than previous generations were able. This ability to adapt allows for younger generations to move from job to job or career to career more easily as well. This ability for Generation Y to move from job to job is often seen as a weakness by Baby Boomers. Baby Boomer has a stronger sense of loyalty and pride for the careers and companies they work for younger generations are willing to jump from position to position to advance and get more money and authority Andal 2016.

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