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A Life Changing Device Literacy has not been a hard Concept

A Life Changing Device Literacy has not been a hard concept for me to understand Growing up as one of the youngest of seven children I picked up vocabulary and knowledge from my older siblings When they were studying words out of the dictionary or encyclopedia I would be looking over their shoulders to see the words as well I remember quizzing my sisters with flash cards so they could prepare for a test Again I picked up on knowledge from reading those cards So going into upper elementary middle and high school I was placed in the advanced classes since my knowledge was so broad I am not saying that I was a know it all I still struggled to understand some more complex words and words that came from different languages that still managed to pop up in school textbooks or some of the urban fiction books I would read in my spare time This made my head hurt I felt as though I wasn't getting the full understanding or picture that the paragraph of the book was trying to help me visualize because I couldn't find the meaning of words such as gratuitous and peruse I would have to go to Google and search the words or pull out the dictionary which I dreaded to do more than anything else However in 2011 Amazon came out with product that would fix my worries the Kindle Fire Now for those who don't know what a Kindle Fire is it is an electronic reading tablet that enables you to purchase and download books magazines and newspapers and games directly to your device It's like your own electronic book with thousands of different books It's very inexpensive and I still use it to this day 

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