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The education and experience needed is the completion of a medical assisting program

MEDICAL ASSISTANT 1 Medical Assistant Job Overview Where did you get this from It needs a citation MEDICAL ASSISTANT 2 The education and experience needed is the completion of a medical assisting program As a medical assistant you will be working in many areas so you will end up getting to train in these areas Administration clinical and laboratory all of which have their own specific responsibilities These responsibilities include some of the following as an administrative medical assistant you will be responsible for answering phones scheduling patients and filling out insurance claims As a clinical medical assistant you will be drawing blood giving injections and assisting in minor surgical procedures As a laboratory medical assistant you will be handling urine blood and other specimens The expected outcome for a medical assistant is great The demand for this occupation is expected to significantly grow There have been an increasing number of medical assistants 

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No Higher Authority Amongst States to Ensure International Order

When looking at the Iraq war through a neorealist perspective it is essential to use its 3 main points when assessing such an event firstly how the international system s ordering principle is anarchy This simply means that there is no such thing as a world government Jakobsen With no overarching global authority that provides security and stability in international relations world politics is not formally and hierarchically organized Dibek Secondly it is that states seek security and finally it is a states superior function to secure itself Jakobsen The theory most often associated with Kenneth Waltz 1924 2013 who was an American scholar and political scientist explained that there is no higher authority amongst states to ensure international order He also argued that the anarchic structure of the international system has made into a self help system for states which in essence means that states are seeking power in order to secure themselves In relation to the Iraq war the structure of the international system helps to explain how America was easily able to invade Iraq without any serious consequences Seeing as there is no sovereign to govern interactions between autonomous nation states conflict is therefore more susceptible between states as there is no global sovereign to regulate interactions between these states Waltz Another perspective of the neorealist theory is that states need to secure themselves i e the Security Dilemma From the The security dilemma one of the most well known concepts in the international relations literature reflects the basic logic of offensive realism The essence of the dilemma is that the measures a state takes to increase its own security usually decrease the security of other states Thus it is difficult for a state to increase its own chances of survival without threatening the survival of other states Mearsheimer When looking at the case between the Iraq war and America it was then that a security dilemma had occurred Iraqi leader Sadam Hussein was seen to be in possession of weapons of mass destruction as well as having close ties to the leader of the Taliban who was suspected of carrying out the 9 11 attacks The US had then stated it had no other options but to engage in military combat in order to ensure security for its own state

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Daniel Defoe reflects us the portrait of a Young Adventurous

Daniel Defoe reflects us the portrait of a young adventurous English man named Robinson Crusoe who is craving for a life at sea in his first published work Robinson emerges both as a protagonist character and as a narrator throughout the story and tells us his story with plenty of details Robinson Crusoe is encouraged by his family mostly by his father to live a calm and secure life Nevertheless he keeps seeking a life at sea Hence Robinson finds his way out to be at sea by deciding to become a merchant and this decision becomes the starting point for his life which will be full of adventures After some unfortunate expeditions he still keeps his hopes up and becomes a slave merchant because of its economic advantages However this desire to be a slave merchant leads him to another unfortunate expedition that concludes with a shipwrecked and Robinson finds himself alone on an island as the only survivor of the accident Once Robinson overcomes with the consequences of the wreck and the effects of poor conditions on the island he begins to get accustomed to living in solitude He also discovers another sign of life on the island which belongs to the cannibals After a while he saves a man named Friday from the cannibals of the island and becomes the master of him The story goes on with a lot of both fortunate and unfortunate adventures of Robinson Crusoe and also continues even after the salvation of the island

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