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The political system of Sudan

The political system of Sudan is one of which is operates as presidential representative democratic republic Since gaining independence the northern population of Sudan has dominated politics filled more governmental posts and gaining official authority The southern population upset by the strict Islamic penal code which included amputations for stealing and public beatings for alcohol possession that had been added to the country s laws and the deterioration of the economy began a civil war to gain independence for the south and its people Sudan Politics Government and Taxation Encyclopedia of the Nations Jaafar al Nimairi was brought to power in 1969 He began the process of making Sudan getting along with countries that belonged to the Communist block Nimairi decided to shape Sudan s government around the idea of National Socialism Nimairi established the Arab Socialist Union and included the Communist Party in a government league Nimairi remained in power with the help of his army when Communists tried to befall the government in 1971 Nimairi had the Communist leaders eliminated He also turned away from the Communist block and sought better cooperation with the rich oil producing countries of the Persian Gulf mainly Saudi Arabia Under Nimairi Sudan actively tried to attract more joint venture investments and studied which areas of the economy should be focused on Sudan recent history is that of a happy and sad tale all mixed into one

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