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Nowadays we are living in a world full of Risks

Nowadays we are living in a world full of risks Some teenagers and adults receive offers of illegal drugs in night clubs or even the streets A high percentage of drug addicts are aged between 16 and 59 which represents mostly the working class Because the illegal use of drugs is hurting population governments from all around the world are trying to combat this situation by creating policies that can help to reduce consumption and also to reduce insecurity that is generated by this The policies that were created were the legalization for recreative use increased of security forces and a harm reduction strategy These three policies have had serious effects on society in everyday life The purpose of the essay is to show the different effects that these three policies have in countries like Mexico and the United States The first effect is considered to be the least advanced of all the others This initiative comes from the belief that this will bring a greater good to the society but not to the consumer because it isn t looking to prevent its use It also comes as a response to the unsuccessful attempts of trying to reduce the distribution and consumption This effect would not only try to reduce crime but also to create a moral conscience regarding public health and safety in the population If drugs were legalized in countries that are considered consumers then there wouldn't be a crime rate because it would be legal 

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