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A majority of White Georgians took the idea of emancipation as provisional

In consequence of freeing these slaves however a majority of White Georgians took the idea of emancipation as provisional Many interpreted emancipation in that freed slaves would be limited to freedom purely as freed people of color These free people were simply those of any ethnic background particularly that of African American descent that had been granted freedom but not yet seen as equal members of society Georgians had assumed that white supremacy was still very much prevalent and there was little talk of the slaves possibly becoming fellow citizens Prior to this however slaveowners provided slaves less than adequate living and working conditions and would often commit heinous acts which would be deemed human rights violations in today s society Although unfortunate this stagnant period of time served as a brief respite from what they had previously endured But the case of Georgia was unique however in that it was the only ex Confederate state that did not immediately apply harsh regulations on freed blacks Although issues regarding labor were partially addressed by controversial but color blind laws regulations that weren t subject to specific ethnicities relating to vagrancy enticement and apprenticeship the freed slaves were granted what was known at the time as practical civil equality 

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