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World Wildlife Fund WWF In the early 1960's

World Wildlife Fund WWF In the early 1960's there were few organizations dedicated to the conservation of the globe and because of this there was tremendous detriment to the environment and a further need to preserve the wildlife waters forests and all aspects of our ecosystem In 1961 WWF was established as a bridge to meet the needs of different countries and ecosystems across the globe as a fundraising organization Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was the first president of WWF and worked for over 15 years to ensure the organization's success and impact on the environment Who We Are WWF worked together with other conservation groups and brought together funds to make significant changes Although the organization started out with very limited funding less than 50 000 in their first year they were able to make steps to protect the Bald eagle in the US and the Tule goose in Canada both were in danger of going extinct due to over hunting In the beginning this organization didn t have tremendous funding or an exact goal it is important to understand everything has to start somewhere and in 2017 over 320 million in revenue was generated by WWF which greatly helped conserve and protect the global environment in a multitude of ways Funding and Financial Overview WWF now is involved in over 100 countries with projects ranging from protecting an endangered species to finding ways to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed to finding new members to support their mission WWF s mission statement is one of the most fitting messages for such a major organization and it reads To stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which people live in harmony with nature by conserving the world s biological diversity ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption 

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Nowadays million of people tend to lose their Teeth

INTRODUCTION Nowadays million of people tend to lose their teeth It can be due to many causes such as decay gum disease wear and tear or trauma Lost of teeth can be quiet emotional experience since it may affect our ability to speak and masticate food Replacement of teeth will be more challenging as more number of teeth are missing In the past clinicians and patients had been struggling with options available to replace the missing teeth until dental implant treatment had been discovered Treatment options for replacement of missing teeth have been evolved from acrylic dentures to metal framework and removable partial dentures to fixed partial dentures Actually dental implants has been an optional treatment for dental prosthesis since late 1930 and the popularity of this treatment start to increase when the concept of osseointegration had been introduced in dentistry 1 5 This concept had been introduced by Toronto implant in 1980 s to the North American dental community 6 9

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