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The championship Laker teams of 2009

The championship Laker teams of 2009 10 were at their most dangerous when Lamar Odom had the juice You had Kobe Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum when healthy but Lamar was the piece that took them over the top When he was feeling it he would snatch a rebound with those catchers gloves sized mitts and high step his way down the lane in transition like a gazelle taking it to the hole on whichever bum stood in his path He always had the power to take the lakers over the top if he wanted to Some nights he just wouldn't make an impact because he played too passively He tried playing a supporting role when the Lakers needed him to be aggressive Being a stone cold killer wasn't in his DNA like with Kobe and Michael He was gregarious and sensitive to other people's needs always the favorite guy in the locker room He wanted to make others happy and create a jovial atmosphere and because he came from an environment of such negativity and hardship You had to have guys like that on the team to balance out the assassins By the time Lamar became an adult he had experienced an inordinate amount of sadness in his young life maybe that's why he always wanted to be the one to bring joy to others To start things off his father was a heroin addict and his mother died of colon cancer when he was 12 According to an article in Sports Illustrated his mother's last words to him were 

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