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In the Novel The Unbearable Lightness of Weight Milan Kundera

In the Novel The Unbearable Lightness of Weight Milan Kundera questions the meaning of everything in life and the effect it takes like a butterfly effect He believes that there is a heaviness on man s shoulders for once a man has set down a path there is no going backward and no second chance for there is only one chance at life The exposition starts out from the point of view of the protagonist Tomas who is a surgeon in Prague Tomas meets a waitress Tereza Tereza s mom left her and her father when she was very young but when her father got into a bad situation she had to go live with her mother She despises her mother for her openness about sex and the body for she hates her own The narrative hook occurs when Tereza becomes very ill Tomas barely knows her but cares for her Once she got better she left Prague for home only to return later with her entire life packed up into her suitcase Tomas shows discomfort to this for he has avoided an emotional relationship since he divorced his wife that he was married to for only two years and lost custody of his son Eventually Thomas comes to terms with the fact that he is in love with Tereza and marries her and gets her a dog Tereza s past with her mother continues to haunt her and she wants to find uniqueness in each person rather than similarities in their bodies The rising action occurs when Prague is invaded by Soviet tanks 

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