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The novel the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The novel the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is a beautiful portrayal of the deep and complicated relationships between four Chinese mothers and their four American daughters The power of the came from the countless themes and symbols that were prevalent throughout the book unfortunately many of these were not adequately explained in the movie While the movie did leave some important parts of the plot it did also add some information There were many similarities and differences between the book and movie of Joy Luck Club There were certain things that were missing in the movie For instances some chapters were not even mentioned in the movie The chapter The Moon Lady is nowhere to be found in the movie Moon Lady explains when Ying Ying found her identity after a brief encounter with the Moon Lady who turned out to be a man This made the character of Ying Ying feel flat in the movie because the reader was not able to understand what made her feel so lost all these years In fact it felt like the Saint Claire family was not really focused on because the chapter Voice in the Wall was also left out This chapter not only developed Lena and Ying Ying s relationship but it showed the isolated upbringing of Lena and how that influenced who she later became Thirdly it is not mentioned in the movie that a peasant family took in the Suyuan twin babies this is mentioned in the book Another detail that the movie does not even show is how Lindo worked in a fortune cookie shop with Ane mei The movie also left out Rose's bother 

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I am applying for Masters in Business Administration

I am applying for Masters in Business Administration autumn 2018 session at Linkoping University I wish to do my masters in Strategy and Management in International Organizations for autumn 2018 session In this letter of intent I am going to concentrate mostly on the factors that influenced me to pursue a master's degree and state my future career objectives as well as they reflect the motive for my choice of Linkoping University I have chosen to study Strategy and Management in International Organizations as it demands for new ideas and analytical skills My academic background suits this field very well I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with major in Finance from United International University of Bangladesh We live in the era of technology where everything is transparent and competitive too To survive in a competitive world as a renown entity we need lots of things which can make us distinctive than others Most of the success of an organization depends on its administration and strategies and these key elements can lead an organization to the peak of its success through their long run visionary aptitude and realistic practical strategies

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