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The basic definition of leadership

The basic definition of leadership according to Oxford Dictionaries is the action of leading a group of people or an organization In my mind leadership means not only leading others but knowing how to lead yourself I believe my greatest strength is being able to deal with adversity Anything from dealing with drama at school to helping in a third world country I feel I can use good judgment and leadership skills to help resolve the issue Over the past few years as a passionate open minded and gritty being I have had learned from and endured many experiences of leadership through myself and others Through middle school and high school I have done extensive volunteering around the world and in the community I have done three mission trips out of the country and help in the community in my free time My last two life changing service trips have been through Global Leadership Adventures which is a volunteer organization for specifically high school students 

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Federalism is an important and broadly implemented Feature

In today's international community of polities the Federalism is an important and broadly implemented feature Around 70 of the world states are believed to have at least some element of federalism around 20 of the nations are considered to be federal states and 40 of the world's population lives in these countries The combination between self rule and shared rule is of greatest importance in a federal state regions or provinces should have The federalism involves the linkage of individuals groups and polities in a limited union that provinces for active pursuit for common end and at the same time maintains the integrities of all parties The Republic of the Philippines is currently under a unitary form of government which is extremely centralized In this form of government the president is both the head of the state and head of the government This means that he has a general supervision over local governments which are dependent on the national as the constitution has concentrated political powers and authority in national government Our autonomous regions provinces municipalities and barangays can only exercise powers and enact policies that the central government chooses to delegate to them Recently some politician scholars and experts are looking into the federal option of the next step for Philippine governance

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