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Literature Review From Obtaining Access to Obtaining Success

Literature Review From Obtaining Access to Obtaining Success African Americans have always recognized education as a powerful vessel for changing lives and communities From the infancy years of the United States African Americans were prohibited from obtaining an education Education in the 19th century for African Americans was prohibited A few higher education institutions such as Dartmouth College in 1824 and Oberlin College in 1833 began to provide an education for African American students Cohen 2009 However 20th century America introduced major landmarks for educational access and success of African Americans The decision of Brown vs the Board of Education of Topeka Kansas 1954 and the Civil Rights Movement 1955 68 sparked the movement for equal opportunity The US Supreme Court ruled in the Brown v Board of Education case 1954 that racial segregation in education was deemed unconstitutional Cohen 2009 Nevertheless the 21st century African Americans students are still facing barriers associated with financial and other factors in education Opportunity barriers involving student enrollment and completion of a higher education still prevalent for African American students Understanding the barriers that African American students are challenged with in seeking higher education degrees is a critical factor in making African American students aspirations a reality Retention Barriers Underprepared Students 

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Teaching English to Learners

I think my first weakness in teaching English to learners is that I can't motivate learners to learning at the beginning of the lesson so learners don't focus on what I say They don't interest my lesson I didn't give aim and objectives of lesson properly and I didn't make link between prior knowledge and new concepts so learners didn't get the aim of the lesson and are not motivated I read some research papers about this topic in order to improve my knowledge about motivation and learn how to motivate students for learning According to Brophy Students are motivated more when they know what they will learn and they will succeed when they give enough effort 1978 The importance of giving aim and objectives before learning and through lesson are emphasized When students are motivated they will concentrate on their goals and they will modify their behavior in order to achieve those goals Thanks to motivation students can study on something without hesitating Consequently success of students will increase They will be more willingly to complete their tasks Svinicki 2002 Higher motivation to learn cause to better academic performance greater understanding Gottfried 2009 There are a lot of methods of motivation into courses and having a relation with students desire to succeed One of the important motivation method is giving description of course goals and help students think about their personal learning goals

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