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The movie Tapped directed by Jason Lindsay

The movie Tapped directed by Jason Lindsay examines the multiple roles of the bottled water industry and its effects on the health of its consumers as well as its contribution to climate change pollution and more reliance on oil The EPA does not live up to their standards because pollution of plastic water bottles is becoming more of a pressing issue on the environment to the Southern beach of U S which is covered in trash washup sand now made up of plastic instead of rock and corral and large patches of plastic pollutions in our oceans such as the Central Gyre which is the Eastern Garbage Patch These water bottle companies are not only polluting the earth but the chemicals in these plastic bottles have also shown to be linked to childhood diabetes obesity breast cancer prostate cancer liver ovarian uterus low sperm count ADHD There is very little monitoring of the quality of the water being put into plastic water bottles and the lack of results to testing is due to water bottle companies testing their own products and not being required to publish their test results in which the EPA does not efficiently produce the damaging results that the plastic chemicals have on its consumers In fact tap water is more highly regulated than public bottled water in which they are not not regulated if in state The chemicals being produced into the air and soil with the production of water bottles are damaging the health of communities that are nearby water bottle producing plants In Flint Hills many community members have had serious damage to their health just by living near the plant and are not able to complain about the health violations that the companies choose to ignore For example Flint Hills Environmental agencies could only write violations after a complaint has been filed Tapped

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