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Imagine that one bad decision you have made has cost someone else’s Life

You have taken away a father a mother A Grandmother and Grandfather s Granddaughter A Brother s sister An Aunt and Uncle's niece How would you feel The term Drunk driving refers to operating a motor vehicle while a person's blood and alcohol content is exceeding the legal limit that is set by the law and is the when a person cannot drive safely The behaviour of drinking and driving may result in many negative and disturbing effects and it is one of the main causes of accidents Not only will the driver be affected by the trauma of the accident but other drivers passengers and pedestrians may be injured and emotionally traumatized as well But beyond that there is the emotional suffering to family members and friends who may lose loved ones or have to cope with severely injured loved ones Drunk driving is presently one of the biggest threats to Road Safety in South Africa More than 21 000 people have been arrested on our roads in the last year due to drinking and driving and it has been shown that 50 of people who die on our roads are driving under the influence Any person driving on South African roads should be aware with the drunken driving laws in South Africa Here's

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