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Identify the main components of an information System

What is a mission critical system Information System consists of hardware software people and data Examples of Information System ATM Online Reservation System A mission critical system is an Information System that is important to a company's day to day operations Examples of mission critical system includes An order processing system without which a company cannot function properly b Compare enterprise computing systems to transaction processing systems with example Enterprise computing Transaction processing TP systems Enterprise computing systems support company wide operations and data management requirements A company's day to day business operations generates data this data is processed by Transaction processing TP systems Enterprise computing integrates a company s primary functions such as production sales services and inventory control This integration will increase efficiency decrease costs and also help managers make key decisions TP systems are usually employed when there are large amounts of data This huge pile of data needs to be processed so that the company can function smoothly TP system is a mission critical system The enterprise cannot work properly without it Eg TP systems in Automatic Toll System Enterprise resource planning ERP systems provide a cost efficient support for all the employees like users and managers of the company TP systems process a set of commands which are transaction related as a group but not individually 

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