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Liver is most commonly involved by metastatic Diseases

Liver is most commonly involved by metastatic diseases due to its enriched connectivity with the blood vessels and lymphatic vessels being liver cancer one of the leading causes of death worldwide Tumor volume measurement accurate staging analysis tumors features such as site local spread distant and involvement with other organs in the body and early detection are decisive to improve the curability and cancer follow up helping the physician to decide what type of treatment is best suited and to predict patient s prognosis In the field of medical diagnosis an extensive diversity of imaging techniques have been incorporated such as ultrasound imaging computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance imaging MRI The development of image processing and segmentation techniques plays an important role in allowing the extraction of metastatic liver tumor from the surrounding tissue Manual segmentation is time consuming prone to errors dependent on users and requires expert knowledge to yield accurate and robust results Therefore CAD Computer Aided Diagnosis oriented diagnosis has become one of the most extensive research fields 

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Refractive error known as Astigmatism ASM

Junior Optometry Class 12 January 2018 Introduction As of 2004 the refractive error known as Astigmatism ASM has affected a total amount of 45 million Americans which two thirds of those people also have myopia Astigmatism is when the light rays are not properly focused at one single point but instead its focused at two separate points most of the time this is due to the curvature of the cornea but it can also be due to the curvature of the lens The curvature of either the lens see image 1 or the cornea see image 1 affects the refraction Refraction is the method of light rays bending in order to properly pass through a medium such as your cornea or lens ASM is mostly present at birth but could also occur due to a combination of myopia and hyperopia Symptoms Diagnosis The signs and symptoms of ASM are squinting headaches difficulty with night vision eye strain or discomfort and blurred or distorted vision Astigmatism can be diagnosed by an eye exam that will examine the way your eye bends light The machines that help observe the way your eye is bending light are called the auto refractor phoropter and the topography machine which is also known as the keratometer What the auto refractor does is shine a light into your eye and measures how the light changes as it bounces off the back of the eye The phoropter works by manually switching through lenses in front of your eyes and being able to determine how the lens of one s glasses need to be shaped and it what areas should be curved

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