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Concrete is incorporating these hardy bacteria known as BioConcrete

With the benefit of centuries of hindsight it is possible to see concrete's evolution from its discovery to its current widespread use in reinforced form as closely intertwined with the evolving needs and priorities of the societies that used it Although in the past architects and people minded construction its methods aesthetics ornamentation They did not engage with the unknown problem of the pollution at the time Now that we know how our decisions constructions are influencing the world design outcome is different The project might be simple construction wise and appearance but highly sustainable and ecology driven Our and the worlds needs changed and cannot be ignored anymore that's why the design outcome is and should evolve directly according Today a new powerful need is emerging to reduce the environmental impact of human activities including building use fewer materials and less energy and consider the entire design life cycle from conception through manufacture to disposal Being one of the main materials today concrete has its advantages and disadvantages It is economical since the ingredients mentioned already are readily available and relatively long life span gives it reliability also as low maintenance it does not decay corrode or rot as other building materials It also has the ability to be moulded or casted into many desired shapes can occur on the work site which reduces shipping cost For fire hazard concrete is able to withstand high temperatures hence it is often used for storm shelters Although disadvantages are quite high

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Harriet Beecher Stowe author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin Review

Harriet Beecher Stowe author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was raised in a very religious family which influenced her writing style History com Staff Mark Twain author of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was skeptical of religion and portrayed that in his book through the character Huckleberry Finn History com Staff Harriet Beecher Stowe demonstrates that religion is an important part of her character s lives while Mark Twain questions the validity of religion In Stowe s book Uncle Tom’s Cabin many people who live in the southern states used the Christian Bible to justify their use of slavery For example It s undoubtedly the intention of Providence that the African race should be servants kept in a low condition Stowe 105 This quote was said by a member of the church and the Bible explicitly states that African Americans are made for slavery Southerners would use this ideology when somebody from the free states would question their morality Since Southern Christians were just following what the Bible said they told themselves they would be going to heaven and slaves would be going to hell Not all Southerners believed in that type of ideology though Some thought the Bible was interpreted wrong and that slavery was unjust but still had slaves Mrs Shelby from Uncle Tom s Cabin said Ministers can t help the evil perhaps can t cure it any more than we can but defend it it always went against my common sense Stowe 30 Mrs Shelby talks about how she had just heard a minister claim slavery was okay since it was in the Bible but she knew better than to trust him Another character from Uncle Tom s Cabin who was very religious was Tom Tom would keep a Bible on him at all times and had his masters read it to him He thought that he would go to heaven because he was a very devout Christian and followed what the Bible said Tom believed that African Americans who happened to be slaves had as much of a chance of going to heaven as any white person When Tom was on Simon Legree s plantation he had almost lost his faith until he realized that he was so close to Jesus and heaven Tom said I will hold on to the Lord and put his commands before all die or live you may be sure on t Mas r Legree I ain t a grain afeard to die I d as soon die as not Ye may whip me starve me burn me it ll only send me sooner where I want to go Stowe 322 This powerful quote by Tom suggests that his faith is so strong and that nothing can stop him from going to heaven not even Legree The St Clare family from Uncle Tom's Cabin is another example of how religion affects the characters in Stowe's book Augustine St Clare did not consider himself a Christian because he did not help out those in need

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