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Physician-assisted death is a Contentious Topic

Physician-assisted death is a contentious topic in our world today We ask the question should people have the legal right to choose when to end their lives The practice of physician-assisted death is known as a doctor knowingly and intentionally providing a person with the knowledge or means or both required to commit suicide including counseling about lethal doses of drugs prescribing such lethal doses or supplying the drugs Canadian Medical Association Although it is legal in some countries such as Canada Belgium and Switzerland it is still outlawed in most Additionally it is legal in six of the 50 US states In the states where it is still illegal such as Wisconsin performing an assisted death can result in being charged with a Class H felony which results in up to 10 000 dollars in fines and six years in prison In the countries and states where it is legal the patient must be diagnosed as terminally ill with less than six months to live The lethal dose must be given by the patient not the physician This is to prevent the physician from being in charged with murder or a felony 

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The Shewhart Control Charts

The Shewhart control charts have long been valuable for detecting when a production process has fallen out of Statistical control i e when assignable causes of erratic fluctuation have entered the process In particular the control charts for mean and range have been widely used together for controlling the average and variability of a process These charts sometimes are used to control the process with respect to pre specified standards Target values for the average and dispersion but they often are instead used with no standards given in order to detect lack of constancy of the cause system Unfortunately in the latter case sufficiently accurate control limits cannot be established by conventional methods until a large number of samples have been inspected For example Grant 1965 recommends that on statistical grounds it is desirable that control limits be based on at least 25 samples This has prevented the valid use of these charts during the crucial stage of initiating a new process during the start up of a process just brought in to statistical control again or for a process whose total output is not sufficiently large As is described in various books e g Grant 1965 Duncan 1965 Bowker and Liberman 1959 or Shewart 1939 the X charts are based upon the measurement of the single measurable quality characteristic such as dimension weight or tensile strength of sample items drawn from the production process The observations are taken periodically in small samples commonly of size five where each sample is as homogenous as possible

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A Closer Look At Online Postsecondary Education

A Closer Look At Online Postsecondary Education A great deal of America's population resides in the working class These jobs require little if any postsecondary education and most workers hold only high school diploma or an undergraduate degree It is commonly known that people who hope to become successful and achieve the American Dream typically need a higher education to do so In the past 30 years online universities have begun offering courses for people who want to enroll as part time students without sacrificing their jobs and make those dreams a reality These programs have flexible hours in an effort to work around busy schedules With these degrees people can have more appealing resumes that help them get the job they want This idea sounds great on paper but how effective is it actually when it comes to helping people transition from the working to middle class Online universities draw people in for many reasons but what primarily draws them in is the hope of success Whether they do it for themselves or for their families a bigger paycheck could help them afford safer housing better clothes nicer meals or a better neighborhood For some people a degree means job security About 60 workers at KeySpan Corporation for example utilize breaks and conference rooms to complete Dowling College s online MBA program Having an MBA or Master of Business Administration degree makes their resumes more appealing when the company is deciding who to promote and who they need to dismiss Solnik Ideally these programs would help people who work for low wages gain an undergraduate or graduate degree and eventually get a higher paying job Unfortunately however online university programs typically require them to make sacrifices that can seem unrealistic

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Dairiday Industry

Introduction Dairiday industry was established in 1997 It is committed to the highest standards of food safety and quality control and recently been ISO 22000 certified Dairiday was the first company to introduce fresh milk in Lebanon revolutionizing in the process the local dairy industry Dairiday produces a wide range of dairy products such as fresh whole low fat and so light milk full fat and so light Laban Labneh and Ayran as well as cheeses like Halloum also with mint with black cumin for grill and so light Akkawi Akkawi so light Double crème and white cheese

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