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Pocahontas is one of if not the most famous Native American Indian

Pocahontas is one of if not the most famous Native American Indian known today She is so well known and admired by Americans today that we have stories and tales about her In the book it is sad that Pocahontas became famous to the London public as a beautiful and adult Indian Princess 74 Pocahontas and the Powhatan Dilemma teaches us about many aspects of Native American life and how the new settlers impacted the lives of the natives We also learn about the role of women in the Native Indian tribes and how important they were to not only the tribes but also to the new settlers There is a line in the book that states And their own men who likewise worked hard who waged war and brought home meat and fish as often as they could knew their women s worth Both sexes knew that neither could survive a month without the other 19 This quote further justifies the importance of women in Native American tribes The women in these tribes were in charge of many duties within the tribes they played major roles in power among the Native people and they were the main communicators with the new English settlers Women had specific jobs within the tribe just as men had specific jobs 

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