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Chronic Kidney Disease has become one of the big Burdens

Chronic Kidney Disease has become one of the big burdens to the world and its major causes are increasing incidence of diabetes hypertension obesity and the sedentary lifestyle CKD according to K DOGI is defined as abnormalities of kidney structure or function present for more than 3 months with implications for health and is classified into various stages on the basis of cause GFR and albuminuria The worldwide prevalence of CKD is estimated to be 8 16 1 Leading cause of CKD is diabetic kidney diseases approximately 40 and others are non diabetic renal disease NDRD causes which includes mainly immunoglobulin A IgA nephropathy in Asian population and focal segmental glomerulosclerosis FSGS in western countries 2 CKD being an inflammatory disease has impact on all the aspects of the body It has effect on the vessels especially the microvasculature 3 The Patients with chronic kidney disease experience co morbid illnesses including cardiovascular disease CVD and retinopathy 4 Our findings may provide evidence that presence of retinopathy reflect early subclinical damage in the renal microvasculature that is subsequently associated with development of renal disease So it becomes very important to early recognize the condition and take measures to avoid the progression and complications of the disease Retinopathy is defined as presence of retinal micro vascular abnormalities microaneurysms hemorrhages hard and soft exudates or arteriovenous nipping focal arteriolar narrowing or lowest quartile arteriole venule ratio The retinal micro vascular examination is easiest way to visualize the micro vascular changes in human body and retinal vasculature may reflect similar changes in renal vasculature 

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