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The Worst School Disaster in US History Approximately 620 Children

The Worst School Disaster in US History Approximately 620 children were killed in the worst school disaster in U S History In New London Texas March 18 1937 a disaster took upon the community Hundreds of children were killed in the New London school disaster due to a natural gas leak in the basement Hundreds of children and teachers lost their life on March 18 1937 It was only 10 minutes before school was let out when about 700 children and forty teachers were in the worlds largest rural school when the explosion let go Families lost their children mothers friends and all This disaster didnt just affect the ones in the school but the environment around it experienced the sound of the explosion Due to this disaster there is a museum known as the New London community museum and honor to those who died in the disaster The New London museum is placed across the highway of the school Which was built in 1922 which was work by U S funder Mollie Word who was a survivor of the incident The children parents were proud to have them attending the New London and never expected the richest school to go down like this New London was a school that every parent wants their child to attend New London was known as the richest school and parents were proud for their children to attend London school was built at a cost of 1 000 000 that serves a 30 square mile area 

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