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Flight The Young Heroine in Charlotte Bronte's Novel Review

Emily Eller English II Greene While I was more prepared to argue that St John was more of a foil to Jane than Rochester I think that arguing from Mr Rochester side made me really open my eyes to all that he has done for her I think that a monitored discussion was a very effective way of showing the many sides to the characters that we have been analyzing for so long I do still believe that St John is more of a foil to Jane than Mr Rochester because even though he loves someone else St John is willing to enter a loveless marriage which is something that Jane could never agree to because of her belief that a union in front of God should be sacred to those who are in love with each other I do agree with the points that Ally made but I still firmly believe that St John is more of a foil to Jane and that Mr Rochester is a double Because Jane and Mr Rochester are in love with each other they both bring out flaws in each other that show how much they care for one another Jane was very jealous of Blanche and Mr Rochester was very jealous that Jane was living with another man but also because Mr Rochester and Jane are in love they bring out the best qualities in each other which is something that St John never did I do believe that this process was efficient and effective I do still stay in my beliefs but I have learned more about the characters which can help me see another side

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