Essay Examples on Honeoye Falls–Lima High School

Learning is the foundation of a better future

Learning is the foundation of a better future A future of knowledge and success I want to teach the future generation to become someone that can accomplish their dreams just has my past teachers have done so Through the years my professors have helped me find my path in life and I would like to do the same to the future generation Teachers have what it takes to change society and I would like to make a change for the best I have chosen a career in education because I believed education is the most important aspect in life My inspiration to pursue a degree in education are my loving parents My parents come from a poor town in Mexico were education was not a first priority but working was Both of my parents did not finish elementary due to low Income they had to leave school to help out with house duties and work at a young age to bring income to their home Although they don t have a great education both of my parents have help me and my siblings with everything they can from doing homework to always supporting us They have always said that no matter if they don t have education they can still help us accomplish our goals Also has the oldest of my siblings I want my siblings to have someone to look up too like I look up to my parents They may not have the education but they have what it takes to make sure their children succeed My parents make sure I get a good education but my teachers make sure I learn that good education Many of the teachers that I have had throughout my education have become role models This started when I was in elementary in my ESL class to be precise I was born in the U S

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